About Llewellyn

Hello, I'm Darrell McCullochDo you need:

If one or more of the above is you, Then I can satisfy your bicycle needs.

I have worked professionally fulltime with bicycles since 1979.
I alone create the Llewellyn marque frames, bicycles, and products. I build custom frames and complete bicycles for competition, sport recreation, and touring. By blending the merits of traditional lugged construction with the very best of contemporary design and materials I strive to create functional, rationally designed bicycles with excellent aesthetics.

My goal is to build you a Llewellyn bicycle that will give you many years of enjoyable riding. So with each passing year, your Llewellyn bicycle gives you greater value. Thus you will come to cherish your Llewellyn.

I can also assist in maintenance of your Llewellyn bicycle. I offer detailed service work and supply proven, reliable product choices that are guided by my many years as a national Australian team mechanic alongside my daily work in the bike industry. I appreciate your hard earned dollars, and returning the maximum value for your cycling dollars is my intention. I pursue the same ethos in my frame building products. I am inspired to create easy-to-use and versatile modern frame building components for today's bespoke frame builder. These products I use in my daily frame work and I supply these products to bespoke builders all over the globe.

For more information on my experience, please check the History page.

For my opinions on bike fit, women specific design, and why I build bikes, please check the Philosophy page.

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Darrell working on a frame in the shop