Frequently asked questions

Are you still building?
Yes. I am.
Why Lugs?
All Llewellyn frames are of lugged construction. Why lugs? It is the best proven way to join two high-strength light-weight steel tubes. It is not the fastest, or most economical method to construct steel frames; but it is the time honoured and proven method to make a superior fatigue resistant long lasting frame.
Do you ship out of Australia?
Yes, Go here to find out more.
Do you repair vintage road bikes?
Joe Cosgrove is your man. Go to his information page here.
Do you paint bikes?
Once again, Joe Cosgrove. Joe Cosgrove's paint on a Llewellyn Lucentezza Custodian won best paint at 2010 NAHBS.
Do you build mountain bikes?
No, but there are some excellent custom builders in Australia. Look at a Ewen Gellie creation, or a Baum.
Do you build bikes with Rolof hubs?
No, but there are some excellnt custom builders in Australia who do.
Do you build bikes with S&S couplers
Not yet.
I have an idea for a new kind of world changing bike...will you build it for me?
No. Life's too short.
I just lucked out and found a used Llewellyn that sort of fits me, isn't that great?
I'm happy that you're happy, but it holds no interest for me and it doesn't fit you. If it does fit you, I'm happy that you're happy.
What do you build?
Go here.
Do you sponsor racers?
Not anymore.
Can I call and chat about bikes?
Send me your deposit, and we can chat.
What bike should I buy? The bike shop says I should buy this but I found this good second hand bike...
I can solve this dilemma, buy a new Llewellyn from the factory outlet. I hear they do good work.
Can I hang out at your shop and have you teach me how to build bike frames?
Why didn't you update your website?
I was busy building bike frames and creating modern lug sets.
Do you build in titanium or other materials?
It's steel, it's lugs, let others get on with the madness.