What's the goss at Llewellyn?

March 19 2017:

We've changed web hosts. Hopefully we'll be able to update the website on a regular basis now. Also: Tte BLOG is comming! This page's name will change to News and Views.

March 25 2016

Were you thinking of a Llewellyn, but you'd like to meet me first? Come to Bristol Bespoke! April 15, 16, and 17.

http://www.bespoked.cc/ email me if you'd like to meet about a frame.




These are past news letters which I used to keep the family of Llewellyn owners up to date with the goings on at Llewellyn Custom Bicycles. I started this practice in 2005. They are numbered in order, so if you want to read the earliest, go to Newsletter 1.