Red BikePaint is the least important part of a bespoke frame
it is the most important part of a bespoke frame.

Paint is a corrosion preventive coating that has no effect on the fit, handing or feel of the frame.
Colour is to the frame as flavour and freshness is to the foods that make up a fine meal.

Colour and colour schemes
are individual things,
we all have different tastes
everyone is an art critic.
Colour causes Colour Choice Paralysis!
What is a good colour?
What is a good colour layout?

Blue StemThere could be an infinite number of colours, shades of colours and schemes and graphics.
Some paint colours and schemes are trend-driven by manufacturers as it is in their interest to create new interest and stand out in the crowd each year.
Generally owners of bespoke bicycles are less interested in this season’s colour. Rather they desire colours and a colour scheme that has such style that with the passing of time the choice still maintains that style and attactivness so pleasing to one’s eye.

Looks good then and still looks good now.
"Fashion Is Fleeting, But Style Is Eternal" Coco Chanel.

Cosgrove BlueTo give some aleviation from the dreaded Colour choice paralysis, the following information should be of assistance. The Llewellyn Bicycle page has the bike frame prices listed with single colour paint as a starting point. Your name or nickname decal on the top tube is included and is sealed under the clear coats.

Red LucentezzaHouse of Kolor wet paint (clear over base) is the main breed of paint Joe uses for his high class finish (no powder coating). Keep in mind that the colour can vary as much as 10% in the can itself from batch to batch, and the camera and montior both affect what you're seeing on the screen. We do our best, but these are just approximations of these colours!

Snowhite PearlYou can see your computer's rendition of the Llewellyn-select colours below...some colour choices have examples attached. Do not trust your computer or ours to display the exact colour. Some of these colours change dramatically when viewed in sunlight. Even going to a paint distributer and looking at the flat paint chips is problematic as most paints look a bit different on the curves of a bike!

During the order process, we will chat about further wet paint desires and confirm all the details during the order process. If you don’t see the colour you want here, or you know you want a super special colour above and beyond what is standard, Joe does magic with paint, but the magic comes at a cost which will be quoted and agreed upon before paint hits tube. Special custom colours and tinting other than those listed are available for additional costs starting at $250.00 inc gst.

All Llewellyn Frames are painted only by Joe Cosgrove (Cycle Designs). I have known Joe since circa 1981 as a young lad when we would meet up after work and go training. Joe specialises in high quality bike sprays, resprays, and restorations and has the humble attitude of a great craftsman.

White Panel Red StemStandard panels and masking is typically an extra $250 -$350. Custom stencilling/masking/airbrushing is also available and we can discuss to give a quote (Price quote on application).
These details are all confirmed when the extra costs of the paint details are quoted and agreed upon.

YellowBelow is an idea of the current Llewellyn-select colours and a few colours for accents to help you pick your bike's colour. None of these chips look like the colour does on the bike, or in the sun.

One standard colour (the Standard Colours on this page), standard white or black Llewellyn decal treatment and customer name or nickname on the top tube is included in the one colour paint price of the a standard frame.

Standard single colour paint Llewellyn decal treatment includes the stainless steel head tube logo, Design and Form by Llewellyn on the top tube, Llewellyn on the downtube, the model name on the left hand chain stay, the Llewellyn seat tube decal, Llewellyn chainstay decals, and Llewellyn fork blade decals, and the optional tubing decal.

If you see a colour that you want on your bike, please give both the colour name and the code if it has one. Following are the standard colours:


Pearl White
Snowhite Pearl (PBC44_W)

Coarse Silver (COB212_W)

Lime Gold (KBC2_W)

Solid Gold
Solid Gold (FBC01_W)

Pagan Gold
Pagan Gold (KBC12_FBC01_W)

Ultra Orange
Ultra Orange (PBC64_W)

Tangerine (KBC8_FBC08)

Dark Tangerine (KBC8_B)

Blue Blood
Blue Blood [red] (SG105_W)

Brandywine (KBC1_FBC11_W)

Dark Brandywine (KBC1_B)

Hot Pink Pearl
Hot Pink Pearl (PBC39_W)

Organic Green
Limetime (PBC38_W)

Organic Green
Organic Green (KBC9_KS12_KK09)

Dark Organic Green
Dark Organic Green (KBC9_B)

Cosgrove Blue
Cosgrove Blue (PBC44_55_4_1)

Oriental Blue
Oriental Blue (KBC4_KS12_KK04)

Marine Blue
Marine Blue (SG110_W)

Majik Blue
Majik Blue (PBC37_W)

Violet Pearl
Violet Pearl (PBC40_W)

Standard Decal scheme


Custom Colours and Paint Schemes

Cadenzia with Panels and fadesWhen we move into custom colours and paint schemes, price is quoted upon application. Custom colours and panels etc., are not included in the standard single colour price. Custom details can include custom blended colours, the Llewellyn celtic bands, metallic basecoats to change the attitude of a colour, pearls, kandys, traditional and non-traditional panels, fades, oversprays, and stenciling.

Panel and Detail Colours

Here are some standard panel and detail colours to get the ball rolling. Panels can be done in various colours depending on the compatibility of the paints, they don't have to be white or black! Decal colours are white or black and can be mixed to suit the frame and panel colours selected. If you have something in mind, Joe can work out the solution for you and your bike.

Panel White
Panel White

Cosgrove Cream
Cosgrove Cream (Mixed to suit)

Panel Black
Panel Black

Custom Colours

There are some "special" custom colours that are particular Llewellyn customer favorites. These are custom colours and are not included in a standard one-colour paint price. Price on inquiry. Here are a two of them, Cosgrove Candy Blue:

Cosgrove Blue Lagoon on a Lucentezza frame. Cosgrove Princess Blue
Cosgrove Candy Blue

This following colour, Cosgrove Candy Apple Sun is difficult to photograph, so we've given you two images to try to give you the impression of what the paint looks like in shade and sun. It is a candy red with a metallic gold undercoat. In the shade, the undercoat gives a nice warm gold lightness to the red, in the sun it sparkles! This is beautiful on the bike and is the paint that Joe used for his award winning NAHBS effort.

Cosgrove Candy Apple Sun on a Lucentezza frameCosgrove Candy Apple Sun
Cosgrove Candy Apple Sun in the Shade
In the shade
Cosgrove Candy Apple Sun in the sun
In the Sun

Joe Cosgrove's Paint

Joe's paint skills earned the “Best Paint “ at the 2009 North American Hand Built Show Richmond Virgina USA. The show is the original and the greatest of all hand made bike shows in the world and this is a prestigous honour, well earned.  Here's a photo of the bike on the show floor. The bike is not painted different colours on the head tube and seat tube, the affect you see is from the ambient light reflecting through the paint. Bravo Joe!

2009 NAHBS Award winning paint at the show

Poor black bike needs a resprayNot a Model T Ford

You may notice that black is only available as an accent colour. While Coco favoured black on occasion, I will stand my ground and refuse to have full black Llewellyn bikes. Full black bikes are ugly and dull and your Llewellyn is not an extra in CIA spy movie. Gloss black looks OK in the show room under spot lighting but after a few weeks of riding and little road grime and a few bike washes it looks dreadful no matter who painted it. A little sand gets on a sponge and the rest is history. (Black is fine when used as an accent to a frame’s colour scheme.) This may set some future Llewellyn owners to be determined to break me on this, but the reason I hold this stance is that I have relented before, and when I see these black bikes, it reinforces that it is a dull colour to paint a bike. So it's nothing new, it's just nothing I want to see again.

Enjoy selecting the colours for your new Llewellyn!