Design and form by llewellyn

Click on the link for the current Llewellyn Castings Pricelist. Due to the current strong Aussie dollar I have been applying a 20% discount to the prices for export which does not appear in the prices on the list. Please enquire about the discount when ordering to ensure it is still in effect.

2013 November Castings LLEWELLYN PRICE LIST

Click on the following links to access the frame part data sheets

  1. OSH Custodian Lug Set
  2. OSS Manorina Lug Set
  3. XLS Crescendo Lug Set
  4. XLH Cadenzia Lug Set
  5. Stem Lug Set
  6. Stem Tube Mitre Data Sheet
  7. LRD Rear Dropouts
  8. LFDE Dropouts
  9. LFD Dropouts
  10. Limpet Top Tube Brake Stops
  11. Limpet Chainstay Gear Stops
  12. DT Gear Boss

Why do I design and produce my frame castings and parts when there is a fair amount on the market for a frame builder to choose from? Much of the available castings are from the 80’s and early 90’s era when steel frame production was ubiquitous. Since then, steel frame tubes and bicycle frame components have changed and this has effects on our frame design. As I work at the bench making frames I find a lot of existing parts are not frame builder friendly, the part might be missing features, or lacking versatility, or may not lend itself to easy modification, or restrict the frame builder’s design and aesthetic considerations, or it might be simply time-costly to use. These limitations motivate me to design and produce parts that have never existed before for us frame builders to use. These new part designs allow me (and other builders) to construct frames with the best of the time honoured and proven lugged frame construction methods with the merits of contemporary design. I strive to ensure the Llewellyn frame castings and parts improve the building experience and add features that belong on high quality bespoke steel frames in the 21 st Century.

20 June 2011 My recent shipment of Columbus tubes from Italy included these longer chainstays which I had arranged with Columbus to make in two wall thickness tubes. These allow unrestricted design freedom for frames that require a longer rear wheel base to give correct handling and or correct function to the bicycles. This benefits large frames, randonneur and touring frames, removing restrictions to good design. I am very happy with the versitility these new special.tubes have provided in my frame design and construction.

Columbus long chain stays



4 May 2011 My new tubing order arrived from Columbus. If you need XCr Stainless for XL/Crescendo or Cadenzia lug sets, I have the tubes available with the lugs. I also have other goodies including OS and XL spirit for lugs and 460mm long .7 and .8 mm chainstays, good for randos and touring bikes. Contact me for prices.