Demo Bikes for Sale

I do not sell used bikes. The frames you see here are frames which are built to demonstrate the different models. I refresh my demo bikes every few years or if I create a new lug set. If you wonder if any of these fit you, email me. (Remove the REMOVE THIS from the email address before sending.)

I would far rather you got in the queue so I can build you the custom bike you will cherish than have you buy a Llewellyn that doesn't fit. But...if one of these fits you, there's no waiting but the shipping time. The geometry for each bike is added as a link, they are large files and will be slow to load.

Cadenzia Fixie

I love to ride fixies. I ride my 1997 Llewellyn fixie and think to myself that I should build myself a new one. So I build myself a new one and I continue to ride my 1997 fixie because it isn't "used up" yet. This is the third one I've built for myself and never ridden. Built with Shimano DuraAce, handbuilt tied and soldered wheels. Available as complete bike. Geometry 52cm X 54.5cm

$9099.00 AUD (Includes GST) Cadenzia Fixie

Lucentezza OS Compact

Award winner! Ciruqe 2007 Best in Show. Never ridden. 2007 Record, Handbuilt wheels. Handcut stainless steel lugs. Only available as a complete bike. Sloping Top Tube Geometry 46/52cm X 55cm

$12268.00AUD (Includes GST)Lucentezza OS Compact