Part 3 B The Llewellyn Casting Story

I lived with an urge, perhaps an unstable lust for frame making. It was only the magazines and a book or two I honestly recall where I was standing when I thought “one day I want to design and make frame casting and have own bike shop with the frame building out the back.” I really did have that thought go through my head.  I was standing at the work bench with aching legs from the 2 hours of training before work commenced at 8.00am, doing some mundane task such as rebuilding a Shimano B type coaster hub in some kid’s bike for the 4,000 th time, pondering, day dreaming and needing to sate my desire to do more frame work. My enthusiasm for the frame building, to take it further was far greater than the situation would or could allow. Eric has to make the shop pay it’s way and it was toil, toil and persevere at the toil and I was there to do the tasks, chores and earn my wages. Meanwhile I was trying to stay sane with the family home situation by shutting out everything but for training, racing, work, reading and anything frame making related. It was around this time I bought my first lathe, a little Emco Unimat that I kept on a table in my bedroom. I was starting to realise “a lathe is a beautiful thing” .

The day did come , 20 years after the thought went through my cranium but there was a few more steps to take on my time line.