Part Two The Llewellyn Casting Story

In Queensland it seemed we lived in isolation from the world of frame building. It was out there somewhere but what was out there seemed bigger, brighter and more glamorous than Brisbane according to the bike magazines. If you went to the summer track carnivals you would see 75% of the bikes being ridden were from Hoffy, if you went to the winter road races you would see 50% of the riders astride a Hoffy, all made by Eric in Sandgate. We saw some frames from interstate and the occasional imported Italian frame set but it was Hoffy frames everywhere. Keep in mind the race scene was all there was, very little cycling was done as a recreational past time back then. The adverts for investment cast frame lugs and parts were appearing in the pages of cycling magazines and I would over scrutinise any picture of frame making or a  workshop that appeared on the pages. One particular book that I absorbed at the time and was a huge motivation was “The Custom Bicycle”. Wow, I thought. ……… Meanwhile Eric kept whistling to the tunes on 4BH radio and I longed to listen to the test cricket on the radio while Suzy and Tania kept walking past on the corridor beside the bike shop to the sandwich bar. Sigh!