Handmade Bicycle Show Australia, the love lingers

I have attended four shows in the USA and two in the UK and also the first Aussie show iteration in 2012 which is the show that proved to many of us that an Aussie show has value and is sorely needed down here. I can in full honesty say that the vibe and value of the 2018 HBSA gig that was built on the pioneering 2012 gig is already for me Number 1 of all time.

The removal of show booth war fare extravaganza bull shit that goes on at other shows facilitates and ensures that the spot light is focused and maintained without distraction on the makers and their bikes and or products they make.

That was the intent Ewen Gellie, myself and others desired and the show organisers recognised the value of this.

No effing dioramas, imitation workshops, or 3.5 tons of timber erected in a booth to look like a log cabin…….. Sigh!

The vibe, the process was as if you are at the Tate gazing at a Turner or a Constable. Appreciating the product, conversing with the maker rather than the shallow “Wow” of a conspicuous marketing budget. Space around the bikes and products, no walls, no banners was very important. Every bike was displayed on the same show provided plinths. The punters appreciated this and so did the exhibitors. If you were there, you would know that it worked splendidly. The choice of 1, 2 or 3 bike display price options assists the exhibitor to fit their level of expenditure and or level of production. These aspects worked extremely well. I will not be surprised if we see other shows travel down this route. I never build show bike nonsense, I take brand new un ridden customer bikes to shows and sometimes I have a new prototype display bike of a new model or using a new lug design. My three bikes at the recent HBSA gig were all new client bikes. The Saturday night evening dinner for the exhibitors and punters who wanted to be with the makers in the pub next door was a cacophony of high spirits with a decent mix of pragmatic business chat along with the sharing of knowledge and ideas. It was the best get together that I have ever seen at any show I have attended. The show venue only used 50% of the available floor space, so the there is room to expand in the years to come. Michael and Nathon who are the show organisers are very astute professional operators, genuinely caring, observant and they listen and communicate very well. They understood the needs and possible needs of the show in the future and recognise what this niche scene is really about and what it needs. We are very fortunate that the connection with M and N were made. Ewen, myself and others recognise that the HBSA is a valuable vehicle to ensure we stay relevant and appreciated in the market place here down under and also overseas. This show has already given my brand great value and the other exhibitors I have spoken to have expressed the same positive reactions and experiences. I want to add that Ewen and myself have no financial involvement with the show and we paid full $ for our space just like everyone else.

It was all good ! Roll on HBSA 2019